OnSite and OffSite SEO Audits

At the heart of SEO comes SEO audits. These audits, both Onsite and Offsite, give valuable insight into important factors that are prohibiting further improvements in organic search visibility. With a detailed, technical audit, our clients learn the what’s, why’s and how’s to the problems and proposed fixes to the issues we uncover.


OnSite Technical SEO Audit


Our onsite audit process takes us through a journey of your entire site. From the frontend to the backend, through the content people see, to the content that only search engine crawlers see. We take a scientific approach to our Technical SEO audits to ensure that all contributing factors to a lower than normal search visibility are uncovered and addressed. We even detail the positives and educate clients on why the best practices they are already implementing are important to the overall health of the site.


We take a careful assessment of your site’s performance in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPS), to see what the search engines are trying to tell us about your site. Whether by omission or by indexing, search engines tell a story, and that story usually leads us down a path to the heart of your ranking issues.


Some of the core components to our SEO audit process include:


• Code review in relation to SEO best practices
• Canonical and duplicate content review, including cross domain duplicate content
• Site Speed issues and its impact at the page level
• Semantic Structure review
• Proper use of Meta Tags and Title Tags, as well as a detailed Google snippet review
• Content targeting review at the page level
• Proper use of Page titles, headings & keywords at the page level
• Sitemap review
• Robots.txt analysis
• Plus many other components that often come up in a typical site review


When we are finished with your onsite audit, we know your site inside and out and can assist your developers and SEO teams (if applicable) in implementing the changes we recommend in the audit documentation.


Offsite SEO Audit


Our offsite SEO audits are just as technical and just as intrusive, only we are intruding into the marketing efforts of your competition. You probably know what your competition is doing right now. But, do you know why? Do you know what is and is not working? We will find out and tell you. After we present our findings, you will probably have a better understanding of their digital strategies than they do.


During our offsite audits, we are looking at your backlink portfolio, as well as your Social Media account health. Yes, we include social media audits in our offsite SEO audits. Once we have a handle on your backlink portfolio, along with important metrics needed for cross analysis, we then look at your top 3-5 competitors. We look at everything they are doing or have done. We analyze their metrics and compare them to yours. We look at their social media accounts to see what is working in and what isn’t working in your niche.


Some of the metrics we analyze include:


• Domain Authority
• Page Authority
• Number of Backlinks
• Anchor Text Ratios
• .edu and .gov links
• Trust Metrics
• Root domain to total Backlink Ratio
• Plus many more technical ratios and metrics


Once we have investigated the Link profiles and social media profiles of four or five sites in your niche, we can get a clear indication of why you may not be seeing organic gains.


In addition to the comparison between our client and their competitors’ backlink profiles, we also look into possible causes of algorithmic or manual search engine penalty.


Many offsite reviews only focus on one or the other, but we pride ourselves in providing complete audits to get our clients moving up in the SERPS as fast as possible, and overcome the obstacles that stand in their ways.