Complete SEO Solutions

The Pride of Squeaky Dino comes from our full scale SEO consulting and implementation. This is gives us the best opportunity to assist clients in every step of their SEO campaigns.


Our full service SEO package includes several phases. Each phase builds on the previous phase and the client is left with a near perfect SEO strategy that will ensure long term success.


Phase 1 – Complete Onsite and Technical Audit


Phase 1 takes us deep into the inner workings of your site. From there, we can address any issues that are weighing your site down and keeping you from ranking to your full potential. This step also allows us to locate and address any issues that would stand in the way of our SEO strategy deployment.


We will analyze key elements of your site, the code the crawlers see and the content people see. We address issues within your site’s search engine listings, as well. This can shed light on specific problems and illuminate quick fixes to the listing health of your site.


Phase 2 – Deep Backlink Portfolio Audit/ including Metric Analysis


Your backlink portfolio is a critical factor in any future SEO tactics. We will examine your links, along with specific metrics to get an understanding of how search engines interpret your backlink portfolio.


With this information, we can find links that are hurting you, links that are helping and links that are just worthless. We can find the weaknesses within your backlink portfolio and address those. We then develop a strategy to bolster your portfolio and eliminate the weaknesses.


If you have been penalized by an algorithm or manual action, you can overcome and get your site’s rankings back. In fact, you can get your sites rankings even higher.


Phase 3 – Scientific Competitive Review (SEO & Social Media)


Knowing what the completion does helps us understand what works and what doesn’t work. We analyze the competition’s content strategy, backlink portfolio, backlink metrics and social strategies.


We can see what people are linking to the most in your niche and find out which of your competitors are buying backlinks or participating in other link schemes.


This data allows us to find the missed opportunities and exploit them in our strategy development.


Phase 4 – SEO Strategy Development


Once the audits and competitive analysis are finished, we then take the information and data gathered and begin creating an SEO strategy that will put you far ahead of your competitors in organic growth.


We create strategies for getting your brand in front of the buyers, the linkers and the influencers of your niches. We will create an editorial based content strategy to attract those people to you.


We will also look at backlinks you should have but don’t. These could be partnerships, industry associations or important directories specific to your niche. Our strategy details everything worthy of your focus.


Phase 5 – SEO Strategy Deployment


Our final phase puts us in motion taking action on the strategy.Any content ideas or backlink ideas we addressed in the development of the strategy can be implemented by us.


For instance, if we saw the need for three pieces of content per month, the strategy would detail the title of the content pieces, why we selected those topics and who we are targeting. Stage 5 allows us to research, create and promote this content in order to acquire links.


This complete SEO package allows us to thoroughly investigate all angles of your site, your competition and your niche. It also gives us the ability to deliver a strategy that will give you a boost in the SERPS, and will continue to provide long term benefits and results.