Looking for SEO/Content Marketing Strategies Designed to Succeed?

Squeaky Dino has the solution! Our dedicated team of SEO's and Content Marketing Specialists know how to get results. Dedicated to getting our clients long term results from their SEO efforts, we work tirelessly to ensure you get top quality service.


Full Scale SEO Consulting

For clients needing robust SEO services, we offer full scale consulting and custom SEO campaigns that are designed to give you a boost over your competition.

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Content Marketing Solutions

We approach our content marketing by getting an understanding of what your niche wants to link to and share. From there, we create content that gets links.

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Onsite/Offsite SEO Audits

You may be looking for a technical or competitive audit. We will review every element of your site or links and provide detailed instructions on how to improve.

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Why Choose Squeak Dino for your SEO needs? We'll Tell You!

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Let’s start the answer with another question. Are your blog posts generating high quality backlinks and social shares? Is your content highly visible to the people in your niche that have the most influence? If not, Squeaky Dino is the agency for you.

All websites have content. Content built the internet, but not all content is equal and therefore not all backlinks are equal. Our core mentality is to create content and SEO campaigns that generate the links needed to give your site a boost in Search engines.

If your problems are more technical, you have been hurt by Panda or Penguin updates, our team is capable of digging into your site and finding the problems on a macro level, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

We clean up the mess on your site from title tags to JavaScript. We analyze and highlight the backlinks that are getting you in trouble. We give you the tools to overcome EVERY ranking obstacle that stands in your way.

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Honestly, we couldn’t take on a client without knowing a little about the brand, the niche and the challenges. Each client has a unique set of challenges, that we love to meet. With a 30 minute consultation, we will show you EXACTLY what you can do to see instant improvements in rank, along with solutions for the long term. You honestly have nothing to lose, and we actually enjoy these informal talks.